Scandinavian Design

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Scandinavian design became popular in the 1950’s and remained one up until the present day and time. Scandinavian designers are esteemed as trendsetters in the furniture business. And like most people, you may be also wondering why and what makes this particular design popular and a must-have.

What is Scandinavian Design?

You might be thinking or imagining a pretty intricate design that is beyond what you see in your day-to-day life. Actually, this design is recognizable, although unique. Most Scandinavian furniture pieces are inspired by nature, which can be seen through the colours and materials used in fabrication. The cuts and lines of each furniture piece are clean and simple; but other graphic patterns and pallid colours are integrated in the designs to create its own signature.

There is no one and simple word that can describe Scandinavian design. Describing it to be plainly simple is an understatement; yet it is not also appropriate to describe it as a complex design. However, in the arena of furniture engineering, Scandinavian designs are referred to as modern classic because of its typical design and use of modern flare elements.

What makes Scandinavian Design popular?

There are lots of different reasons why Scandinavian design is so popular. Some clienteles find these designs attractive because of its classic-modern look. Some love the natural look of the products, especially the clean and simple lines. But what most people like is the environmental theme that these designs can create in many homes. Since a lot of people are now turning into environment advocates, having these green Scandinavian designs would just be perfect to recreate the environment inside the home. Green works well with other environmental colours like brown, beige, and etc.

Scandinavian Designers

Adding to the long list of highly acclaimed Scandinavian designers are Katja Savstrom, Sofia Anna Lindgren, Lagerkvist, and Charlotte von der Lancken – four female designers in a team called Front Design that only started in 2003. These four designers have captured the heart of Scandinavian design enthusiasts. Aside from furniture pieces, they also design accessories like lamps, hooks, wallpaper and many more.

I hope that you will incorportate some Scandinavian design and Scandinavian furniture into your home.

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