Scandinavian furniture

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When new manufacturing facilities were introduced in the 1950′s after the Second World War, Scandinavian furniture was introduced in the market along with other popular retro furniture pieces. Scandinavian furniture design is very modern and contemporary, which made it the centre of modern furniture engineering.

Scandinavian countries include Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark – situated in the northern most part of the European mainland peninsula and to the south of the first 3 countries mentioned. Denmark also makes its own furniture, which is called Nordic furniture. Shortly after the Scandinavian design became popular in 1950, Scandinavian designers were awarded the Lunning Prize in 1951 all through 1970, making these designs top-class in the realm of home furnishing. The Lunning Prize was named after Frederick Lunning, who picks two recipients from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden each year. The award is given to those who invent new concepts for Scandinavian furniture.

What is Scandinavian furniture?

There are 3 aspects or principles behind the engineering of every IKEA furniture piece. First, the beauty it creates through its design, concept, and engineering; second, the functionality; and third, the price. There is no doubt that Scandinavian furniture articles are beautiful and well-crafted. All designers in this category put all their efforts to design each piece to be functional and decorative at the same time. Most of the designs are made from pressed wood for smooth shapes; anodized enamel aluminum for unique and functional designs; and pressed steel for industrial and modern look. Affordability is an important aspect here. Through social democracy, the tradition of fair or reasonable pricing was practiced as early as the start of the industry in 1950.

As of the present time, Scandinavian furniture pieces remain as one of the best furniture in the market. The principles and tradition in engineering Scandinavian furnishing items remain the same; although modern materials and concepts are already added to enhance the quality and usability of the products.

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