Swedish Design

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Sometime people don’t get to see the real Swedish design because the associate Ikea with all things Swedish. Ikea has done wonders for people’s homes but don’t think that is typical Swedish design.

Having four seasons is pretty exciting, especially for non-tropical countries. Every quarter or so, people get to anticipate the coming of each season with enthusiasm and excitement. But as much as people get excited for summer and spring, many would find winter gloomy as everything outside home is white and trees look brown and dead. The nights are longer too and the days are shorter. Winter season is very cold because of snow and the sun barely shines. During this season, home decorations are normally changed to create a cheerful and warmer ambiance at home.

Swedish designs and colours are normally pale. Walls are painted cream, soft yellow, pale pink, dove gray, soft green, and off-white. These are not necessarily warm colours but would surely complement other colours and designs so that the entire home decoration would always look good and bright with every theme and decorative style. Warm colours like red, orange and dark yellow can work well on a light shaded wall.

In Swedish design, the colour is important to highlight the beauty of a design and richness of darker colours against a white background. For accessories, woven or textured fabrics are used as cushions, highlighted with stripes or floral designs. Straight plaids and stripes are a Swedish style signature. For furniture seats, chairs normally have intricate designs and the legs are commonly tapered on the floor. Swedish sofas have carved legs. Bed headboards on the other hand are padded if not made with light-stained wood. Canopy beds are known for its white fabricated fixed on a coronet or a ring on the ceiling, or the poles of the bed.

The common types of wood used for Swedish furniture are alder, white pine, birch and beech. Woods are often stained if not bleached pale or painted white. Stencils are used to add colour to the design. This is a way to keep Swedish furniture simple yet elegant and intricate. It is in this design that Mr. Carl Larsson, a famous Swedish artist was credited for popularizing this Swedish design style.

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